Things to avoid during work meetings

Meetings can be a waste of time if you’re not prepared. Here are some things you should avoid during meetings in order to make the most out of everyone’s time.

Meetings are an important part of many businesses, serving as a forum for discussion, decision-making, and planning. However, they can also be a source of frustration, especially if they are not well-organized or attendees do not follow the proper etiquette. There are a few things that you should avoid during meetings in order to make them more productive and efficient.

Are you curious about the dos and don’ts of meeting etiquette? Do you know how to make a good impression during meetings and avoid common faux pas? In this blog post, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of meeting etiquette so that you can make the best impression possible.

(1) Don’t allow people to go off on tangents

If someone starts to stray from the topic at hand, politely bring them back to the discussion.

(2) Don’t allow side conversations

Side conversations can be a huge distraction and will only serve to derail the meeting.

“You have a meeting to make a decision, not decide on the question.” – Bill Gates

(3) Don’t get sidetracked by side conversations

If you need to discuss something with someone else, do it after the meeting or offline.

(4) Don’t allow cell phones

Ideally, the use of cell phones should be avoided during meetings. Make it clear at the start of the meeting that all cell phones must be turned off and put away – unless absolutely necessary. This will help to keep everyone’s attention focused on the discussion.

(5) Don’t be late

Starting the meeting on time is crucial to maintaining control and keeping things moving along. If you’re late, it can set a bad precedent and throws off the entire meeting.

(6) Don’t talk over others

Talking over others is rude and will only serve to frustrate people. If someone is speaking, listen to them respectfully.

(7) Don’t dominate the conversation

Just because you have something to say doesn’t mean you need to say it all the time. Allow others to share their ideas and thoughts during the meeting.

Things to avoid during work meetings
“Meetings move at the speed of the slowest mind in the room.” – Dale Dauton

(8) Don’t be afraid to end the meeting

If the meeting is no longer productive, don’t be afraid to call it. It’s better to end on a positive note than to drag things out and risk people getting angry or frustrated.

(9) Don’t be afraid to disagree

Remember that disagreement is not always a bad thing. Constructive disagreement can lead to better decision-making.

(10) Don’t forget to take minutes

Taking minutes will help everyone stay on track and ensure that tasks are assigned, and deadlines are met.

(11) Follow up after the meeting

Send out minutes or action items as soon as possible so that everyone is on the same page.

(12) Finally, don’t forget that meetings are not always necessary

Sometimes, a simple email or phone call will suffice. If a meeting is not the best way to achieve the desired outcome, don ‘t force it. There’s no need to waste everyone’s time. Meetings should be used sparingly and only when they will truly be productive.  

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Final words on things to avoid during work meetings

The next time you’re in a meeting, keep these things in mind to help you stay focused and productive. And don’t forget to comment below with your own tips for staying on track during meetings.


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