About Communicate With Expertise

Let’s face it, our communication skill is judged on a daily basis and is often the gateway to success or the lack thereof.

We all communicate with each other in some way, whether it be verbal, nonverbal, written, or through body language. Although the way we communicate is reflective of our personalities, it’s essential that we are capable of doing so effectively.

This website explores different communication styles, tips, and techniques, and how to use them effectively in real-world settings.

You’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to communicate confidently and expertly with anyone, regardless of the situation.

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship.

Elizabeth bourgeret

About Me

Hi there, I’m Rushana Greenidge-Horace.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a master’s in communication. But, I do have a medical degree and a master’s in public health.

Do you know what that means? I’ve had to write way too many papers, give a lot of presentations, and do a whole bunch of other things that require excellent communication skills.

I’ll admit, I’ve always been complimented on my writing ability particularly relating to academic and creative writing. However, being a natural introvert, I’ve had to work extra hard to build my confidence when it comes to presenting in front of groups.

Plus, the communication skills required at different stages of my personal/professional life were often quite different. For instance, when I started my blog solutionswithrush, I quickly realized that, for my articles to rank, I needed to stop writing as if I were preparing scholarly articles.

But, making those transitions were more challenging than I anticipated.

Fortunately, just like anything else, communication is a skill that can be learned and perfected with practice.

So even though I know a thing or two about the subject, I’m on a constant quest to speak better, interact better, write better.

Because I truly believe that herein lies the possibility for even deeper relationships and incomparable success.

Plus, why settle for ordinary when you can aim for extraordinary, right!?

The art of communication is the language of leadership.

James Humes

Are you ready to take your communication skills to the next level? Do you want to learn how to expertly communicate in both personal and professional settings? Then join me on the journey to communicate with expertise and let’s bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary.

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